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Products: Plugin
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VmySQL Update
VmySQL is a plugin for MacOS X and Windows connecting 4th Dimension 2003 or 2004 to mySQL. The commands are divided into three themes: Connection, Cursors (including Cursor to array) and Tables. VmySQL supports mySQL up to version 4.1, and implements the full mySQL command set. The affordable hassle-free license ($199) allows developers to easily deploy 4th Dimension solutions including mySQL databases: central backup for 4D databases via ADSL, central access for common data (like zip code tables), and much more.
Published by: ROSE  (The Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.rosedev.nl/
WIBU-KEY is the most technically advanced copy protection and license management system currently available. The WIBU-KEY copy protection system is based on genuine encryption using hardware. The goal is to protect programs and data from unauthorized use.
Published by: WIBU-SYSTEMS AG  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.wibu.de/
Win32API Update
Win32API is a free plug-in that lets you tap into some of the capabilities of Windows that 4D does not access directly, such as disabling the close box window and opening, printing or exploring a file, and much more.
Published by: Orchard Software Corporation  (US)
Product URL: http://www.orchardsoft.com/4Dapps/win32api.htm
XML Plugin
XML Plugin is a plug-in that allows you to read and write XML documents in an easy way. It uses the Document Object Model (DOM), meaning the XML data is parsed into a tree object that can be navigated in an interactive way.
Published by: Pluggers Software  (Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.pluggers.nl/xml_plugin.html
XSLT Plug-in Update
XSLT Plugin allows you to transform XML documents using stylesheets. XSL allows you to separate content and layout from each other. The XML document holds the content in a structured format. The stylesheet specifies how to present this information.
Published by: Pluggers Software  (Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.pluggers.nl/xslt_plugin.html
Zip4D is a cross-platform plug-in that allows you to create and parse ZIP archives in 4D
Published by: INFORCE Bratislava S.R.O.  (Slovak Republic)
Product URL: http://www.inforce.sk/product_zip4d.html
ZipCenter Update
With ZipCenter you can reduce bad address data in a database, speed-up address data entry, verify that city names are acceptable to the US Postal Service, and find matching records within a given distance of a starting point.
Published by: Island Data  (Australia)
Product URL: http://www.island-data.com/products/zipcenter/