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Products: Plug-In
4D plug-ins can be installed by putting them in a Win4DX/Mac4DX folder.
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EasyCompare Update
EasyCompare is the fastest way to compare texts, blobs or pictures.
Published by: Osmose Editeur  (France)
Product URL: http://www.osmose.net/eng/EasyCompare/EasyCompare.htm
EVX_AddressBook is a 4D plug-in for 4D 2003 MacOS X that proposes a set of 4D methods that connect your 4D applications to the Jaguar build in Apple Address Book.
Published by: 4ee4 (Exenevex SA)  (France)
Product URL: http://www.exenevex.com/us/evxab.php
EVX_IPFW is a free 4D plug-in (6.8 and greater) for Mac OS X allows you to set up IP forwarding rules for your 4D applications (for example, from port 80 to port 8080).
Published by: 4ee4 (Exenevex SA)  (France)
Product URL: http://www.exenevex.com/us/evxipfw.php
EVX_UUID is a 4D (2003-2004) plugin for MacOS X that provides a quick way to produce UUIDs (Universal Unique IDs).
Published by: 4ee4 (Exenevex SA)  (France)
Product URL: http://www.exenevex.com/us/evxuuid.php
Expat4D Update
Expat is an open-source XML Parser. This plug-in is currently based on the Macintosh Port of expat from the Mozilla source and 4D's new plug-in API allowing 4D developers to use nearly all of the expat features to add XML parsing to their applications. (Source code is available)
Published by: mitchenall.com  (UK)
Product URL: http://www.mitchenall.com/products/freeware/4d/expat4d/index.phtml
FaxPack for Macintosh provides complete and reliable fax integration directly within 4D. This plug-in works exclusively with 4-Sight FAX 5.0 and later. FaxPack for Windows is a reliable faxing plug-in for 4D Windows and 4-Sight FAX 5.0.
Published by: Soft Solutions, Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.4sightfax.com/developers/faxpack-for-4d/
FileToolKit for 4D Update
FileToolkit for 4D adds over 100 new commands to the 4D language, providing a variety of enhanced and optimized document management and network operation commands.
Published by: Automated Solutions Group (US) & e-Node (FR)
Product URL: http://www.asgsoft.com/
Final Touch
Final Touch was originally created to provide a way to close windows in 4D using Command-W. It worked by patching the Macintosh Toolbox to intercept the Command-W keyboard press, and it then clicked the front-most window's close box for you. **This plug-in is no longer sold.** (Source code is available)
Published by: DataCraft  (US)
Product URL: http://www.DataCraft-Inc.com/
Find By Content Pack Update
Find By Content Pack is a 4D plugin that allows you to integrate your 4D application with the Macintosh Find By Content (FBC) technology.
Published by: Pluggers Software  (Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.pluggers.nl/fbc_pack.html
FootRunner Gold v12
FootRunner Gold v12 allows you to create 4D code scripts that can then be executed in a previously compiled 4D database. See our web site for all the possibilities!
Published by: Footprints, Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.footprints-inc.com/FootRunnerGold.html
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