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Products: Plug-In
4D plug-ins can be installed by putting them in a Win4DX/Mac4DX folder.
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QDrop Update
QDrop allows you to drag and drop files and folders into 4D. It is by far the easiest to use if you'd like to implement user-friendly import interfaces for images and documents. Available for Macintosh and Windows.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/q/qdrop/index.html
QFree is a freeware plug-in that adds to 4D support for PERL-compatible regular expressions, among other things. It is available for MacOS (9 and X) and Windows, and is compatible with 4D 2003.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/q/q_download.html
QGrid Update
QGrid lets you add professional-quality picture grids on 4D forms. Features include customizable data sources for pictures and captions, customizable background pictures, drag and drop, user selections, etc. Available for Macintosh and Windows.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/q/qgrid/index.html
QMedia is the professional 4D plug-in for importing, playing back, editing and exporting movies as well as for video and sound grabbing using QuickTime-compatible hardware on Macintosh and Windows.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/q/qmedia/index.html
QMedical Update
QMedical is a 4D plug-in that integrates DICOM imaging in 4D databases on MacOS, MacOS X and Windows. QMedical is bundled with useful plug-ins (QGrid, QDrop) and comes with the source of a DICOM viewer written in 4D.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/dicom/qmedical/
QPix is the professional solution for the acquisition, processing, display, and conversion of images within 4D.
Published by: Escape Information Services  (Greece)
Product URL: http://www.escape.gr/q/qpix/index.html
Quickbooks4D Update
Quickbooks4D is a plug-in for 4th Dimension that allows native XML connectivity to Quickbooks versions 2002+. Using the Quickbooks SDK, Quickbooks4D allows a developer to enhance their capabilities and dynamically integrate with Quickbooks for their customers.
Published by: Tech Solutions Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.techsol.org/ts_qb4d_1.html
Random Number Generator
Free random Number Generator plug-in for Mac and Windows. This plug-in generates random numbers in a given range or bit depth of up to 35 bits.
Published by: INFORCE Bratislava S.R.O.  (Slovak Republic)
Product URL: http://www.inforce.sk/download.html
RectStuff Update
RectStuff allows you to to invert areas on the screen, draw selection rectangles, and simulate drag-and-drop behavior on forms.
Published by: Osmose Editeur  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/RectStuff
Sans-Faute pour 4D
This product is called "GetItRight" in English. It is a French and English full-featured spell and grammar checking plug-in for 4D and 4D Write.
Published by: e-Node SA  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/SansFaute
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out of 129