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Help Wanted
Application Developer - 4D Programming, Option for U.S. Remote Home Office

Waukesha, WI
FT w/Benefits

Design, develop, test, implement & support 4D & other clinical databases in a windows environment; security compliance. Develop & provide training.
Apply Online at ProHealthCare.org/Careers
Contact Margaret Drechsler
Application Developer - 4D Programming, Option for U.S. Remote Home Office Waukesha, Wisconsin
FT w/Benefits,
Design, develop, test, implement & support 4D & other clinical databases in a windows environment; security compliance. Develop & provide training.
Apply Online at ProHealthCare.org/Careers
Contact Margaret Drechsler
Située à Bruxelles, et dans le cadre de son développement, Organica recherche un analyste développeur connaissant 4D. Si vous êtes intéress faites-le nous savoir...
Contact Marc Seminckx
We are seeking a 4D programmer to work full time on site at a Maryland (USA) company.  Our goal is to completely re-write a very complex business operating system written in older version of 4D (Mac), adding virtually every feature found in modern crm, erp and e-commerce systems.

Extensive experience is not required, but you must be a skilled 4D programmer and have a good sense of design.  Salary will be entry level with significant long-term growth potential.   Based on many years of experience with our current system and extensive testing of alternatives, we believe our system has unmatched ease of use that could make it a commercially successful product.  You will have an opportunity to profit from that phase of the project which could be run off site.
Contact Anonymous
Minimum Qualifications:
1) Candidates must possess 5+ years of professional work experience in the 4th Dimension (4D) development environment, through version v11, on Windows operating systems. Must have experience with these 4D components:
? Foundation Shell
? AreaList Pro
? 4D Internet Commands
2) Must possess experience using 4D as a web server and have some experience writing HTML.
3) Knowledge of and experience with the SQL language desirable.
4) Candidate must have an understanding of basic financial accounting concepts:
? General Ledger
? Debits and Credits
? Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Operations
Candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of the principles, theories, practices and techniques for software development and implementation.   
Contact Kevin Mathewson
Experienced 4D Developer for project. v11, SQL, Credit Card Processing knowledge.

remote developer ok

This project may lead to a full time position.
Contact Anonymous
Opportunity Wanted
Searching for opportunity 4D

Im based in Luxembourg and I`m available for 4D Projects. I`m developping more than 10 years with 4D and have knowledge to work on small as big projects.

Nice to hear from you...
Contact Anonymous
Opportunity Wanted (continued)
4D expert with over 30 years of experience available for consulting.

--Database: 4D, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
--Data Visualization: Fusion Charts, Google Maps, High Charts
--Web Development: ColdFusion, CSS, DHTLMX, JavaScript, jQuery, jQWidgets, JSON, HTML5, PHP, XML, Wakanda
Contact Anonymous
4D developer available for remote work or on site Boston/North. 18+ years full time experience working on 4D platform. Have used virtually all 4D related technologies and specialize in web development and javascript. 2+ years experience with Wakanda.

Resume and references available on request.
Contact Thomas DeMeo
Experienced 4D programmer available for remote work. Experience with managing multi-developer systems; new development; legacy systems and upgrades; modular coding and components; code versioning and isolation; and debugging and testing. Integration experience with HTML and MySQL.
Contact Dave
4D developer and integrator looking for new challenges in US or Europe.

? +20 years of experience
? 4D 2004, v11, v12 and plug-ins
? SQL experience
? experience with vertical markets
? experience with in house development and integration
? experience with part11 and medical auditing
? experienced team manager
Contact Anonymous
Développeur 4D expérimenté. À compter de janvier 2012, je recherche nouveaux projets en France mais aussi en Allemagne ou au Maroc. Français, anglais, allemand.
Contact Bertrand SOUBEYRAND
Si vous êtes besoin d'être épauler dans un de vos projets, je suis ingénieur de formation avec une bonne expérience de 4d (2004, v11) cherche dossier freelance: nouveau dev, module, base a maintenir...
bonne journée
Contact : logdev75@gmail.com

Contact Anonymous
4d Developer specializing in Flash Builder front ends for 4d databases available on a Remote basis. Web enable your existing 4d systems with a superior Flash Builder front end.
Contact Daniel Pride
Longtime 4D programmer with experience in many areas. Vertical market, websites front and back end, data warehousing, order management systems, finance and accounting systems, contact management. Remote combined with onsite. Reasonable rates. Resume and  demo at http://www.myofficelink.com/resume
Contact Michael Ferguson
Opportunity Wanted (continued)
Experienced 4D programmer available for remote work. Tap into the experience of a 4D developer who has worked at all levels, from technical support at 4D in Paris, to the database architect of a large international media buying application.

I have an extensive 'toolbox' of resources available to speed up development.

I would like to participate in a project either as a member of a team, or as independently responsible for a module, etc.

Very reasonable rates.
Contact Anonymous
I am a software developer with a deep experience with 4D starting from V6.0 to the most current version (V12)
I have worked on vertical market applications developed by 4D, in house solutions combined with 4D and created some plugins that workswith applications built on 4D Environment.
Currently I am residing in Toronto, Canada and available for any contract or full time work. Resume and reference is available upon request.
Contact Anonymous
I am a Software Developer, living in Canada and have been working with 4D since 1998 from version 6.0 to V12. Currently I am available for any contract work. I can work from remote or may consider relocating in Canada.
Contact Tim Gokdemir
4D UK Developer with 14 years experience. Profiecient in a number
of technologies including - PHP
MySQL, XML, json, javascript and many others.
I'm seeking project and full-time opportunities and can relocate.
Contact Anonymous
Experienced 4D developper, based in France, seeks new contracts in France, Germany and Morocco from January 2012.
Contact Bertrand SOUBEYRAND
Erfahrener 4D Entwickler mit umfangreichen Sprachkenntnissen (französisch, englisch, deutsch) sucht neue Projekte. Bevorzugt in Frankreich, Deutschland, Marokko.
Contact Bertrand SOUBEYRAND
Software Wanted
Need 4D Tools for v3.  Need it to run a old data file, any assistance would be very helpful.
Contact Anonymous
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