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Products: Plug-In
4D plug-ins can be installed by putting them in a Win4DX/Mac4DX folder.
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Jarman Update
Jarman is a 4D plug-in that allows you to execute Java applets in its plug-in areas.
Published by: Ronri Kobo, Inc.  (Japan)
Product URL: http://www.ronri-kobo.com/English/Products.html
JbyJ is a 4D plug-in that allows you to execute methods in other 4D applications over a network. If you use our Java class libraries, Java applications, applets or servlets can execute 4D methods.
Published by: Ronri Kobo, Inc.  (Japan)
Product URL: http://www.ronri-kobo.com/English/JbyJ.html
JExternal Update
JExternal is a 4D plug-in that creates an environment for Java methods to behave like 4D plug-ins. The JExternal plug-in looks for Java files in a "JavaClasses" folder in the Mac4DX or Win4DX folder, and uses them as if they were 4D plug-ins.
Published by: Ronri Kobo, Inc.  (Japan)
Product URL: http://www.ronri-kobo.com/English/JExternal.html
Keychain Manager Pack
Keychain Manager Pack is a 4D plugin that allows you to integrate your 4D application with the Macintosh Keychain Manager.
Published by: Pluggers Software  (Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.pluggers.nl/kcm_pack.html
LuraWave for 4D Update
LuraWave for 4D is a plug-in using LuraWave a new wavelet-based image compression algorithm. LuraWave delivers substantially higher image quality at the same compression rates while reducing the amount of data required to represent and store an image.
Published by: LuraTech GmbH  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.inforce.sk/product_lura.html
MAPIPack is a 4D plug-in that contains numerous functions to help you exchange data between a 4D application (version 5.x or version 6.x) and the Microsoft Exchange Server. You can send and receive email and manage attached documents in 4D.
Published by: Softwise  (France)
Product URL: http://www.softwise.fr/
Memory Pack for 4D Update
Memory Pack is a 4D plug-in that allows you to know the state of the memory and to purge to purge the memory from 4D. You canaaallso publish an external area that allows you to view 4D's memory usage.
Published by: Kurgan  (France)
Product URL: http://kurgan.free.fr/public/mp/
MenuPack allows you to create enhanced menus and popups which are not possible with standard 4th Dimension menus and popup controls as well as provide complete integration with AreaList Pro, allowing creating of enhanced data entry popup menus (including hierarchical popup menus).
Published by: Automated Solutions Group  (US)
Product URL: http://www.asgsoft.com/
Method Madness Update
Method Madness is a 4D plug-in that allows you to quickly find methods by typing a few letters of the name, and supports method groups. Method text can be viewed and copied without opening the method.
Published by: Committed Software  (US)
Product URL: http://www.committedsoftware.com/methodmadness
Digitally sign PDF documents from inside 4D using PKCS#11 or PKCS#12 stored tokens.
Published by: KryptoKoder
Product URL: http://www.kryptokoder.com/download.html
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out of 129