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Reference Information
Limits for 4D
Hexadecimal Converters
Error Code Lookup
Reference Information
These reference pages include useful information about 4th Dimension:
Limits for 4DValid ranges for 4D values.
HTML & ASCII ValuesA complete listing of HTML and ASCII values.
Hexadecimal ConvertersHexadecimal to decimal and hexadecimal to RGB converters.
Error Code LookupLook up error numbers for any 4D product.
Limits for 4D v11
Database Structure
Data file Unlimited (no segmentation)
Tables 32,767 (1 billion records per table)
Fields 32,767 per table
Forms 32,000
Methods (project, form, object, and database) 32,000 (up to 2Gb per method)
Lists 8,000 items per list
Passwords 16,000 users/16,000 groups (can be created by the designer and by the administrator)
Sets and Named Selections Unlimited
Processes 32,767 simultaneous
Semaphores 2 billion
Level of transactions Unlimited
Variable & Field Types
Date 1/1/100 to 12/31/32,767
Time 00:00:00 to 596,000:00:00
Blob 2Gb
Text 2Gb of text
Longint -2^31 to (2^31)-1
Integer 64 bits -2^63..(2^63)-1
Float Floating point number
Real numbers ±1.7e±308 (15 digits)
Variables 31*
Tables 31
Fields 31
Methods 31
Forms 31
Plug-in Routines 31
Sets 80
Named Selections 80
Processes 31
Menu titles 15
Menu items 31
Menu names 31
List items 255
  * not including "$" or "<>"
Reserved Resource ID Ranges
Operating System -32,768 to -1
Internal to 4D 0 to 14,999
4D Developers 15,000 to 32,767
Method size 32K
Menu bars 255 characters
Reserved 4D Variable Names
Document Error
FldDelimit RecDelimit
KeyCode OK
Modifiers MouseDown
MouseProc MouseX
MouseY OKGS (obsolete)
C1, C2, C3, C4, etc.