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Products: Library
Open source code databases with useful routines. Includes shells.
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BC39 Update
A small 4D database that allows you to display and print C39 bar code without using a special font. This database contains adaptable resources and one 4D method. This database is free and can be freely modified. (Source code is available)
Published by: SOLO Développements  (France)
Product URL: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/solo-dev/log.html
A set of code-routines for checking and repairing 4D databases ? directly from 4D Client (or 4D Runtime/Engine). All indexes and records can be checked with a press of one button (or automated in a background-process). (Source code is available)
Published by: Robotman Consulting  (Sweden)
Product URL: http://www.robotman.net/check4ddata.html
DataLicense Update
Freely distribute any compiled 4D structure application without fear of piracy. Only registered users will be able to use the program. Supports demo and trial periods, optional modules, and number of users. No-hassle license.
Published by: Outside Technology  (US)
Product URL: http://www.outsidetech.com/dlmain.htm
DOCC is a 4D Code Library designed to bring robust turn-key document management capabilities to your 4D and 4D Server databases. (Source code is available)
Published by: Nufocus Inc.  (Canada)
Product URL: http://www.nufocusinc.com/Nufocus/4DSoftware/DOCC_Features.htm
FLAT Update
FLAT is a free 4D code library that allows you to perform quick lookups within external text data files. This is a helpful capability when your application is monitoring external data sources that are updated outside of your control. It can also be used instead of implementing static lookup tables and importing lookup data into your database. (Source code is available)
Published by: Nufocus Inc.  (Canada)
Product URL: http://www.nufocusinc.com/Nufocus/4DSoftware/FLATInfo.htm
Foundation 4
Foundation 4 is a set of 4D 2003 and 4D 2004 components designed for use in new and existing database projects. A robust cross-platform shell is included for new database development. Full source code is included. For Macintosh and Windows. (Source code is available)
Published by: Dave Batton  (US)
Product URL: http://www.FoundationShell.com/
NELiX TransaX FleXPort for 4D Update
The NELiX TransaX FleXPort library provides open source code for integrationg payment processing into any 4D application.
Published by: Nelix, Inc.  (USA)
Product URL: http://www.transaxdevelopers.com/advantage/
REGR (REGistry Reader) is a 4D code library that allows you to read the content of a Windows registry key into your 4D database.
Published by: Nufocus Inc.  (Canada)
Product URL: http://www.nufocusinc.com/Nufocus/4DSoftware/REGRInfo.htm