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Products: Component
4D components can be installed using 4D Insider.
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Data Viewer (DAVV) Update
Data viewer with 4D View is a similar component like "DAVA" but with the power of the new 4D Plugin 4D View. Like his brother the component provides full access (display, modify & delete) to all records and fields in any 4D database.
Published by: Hitech-4D.COM  (Switzerland)
Product URL: http://www.hitech-4d.com/4d-components-2.html
Database Service Manager (DSM)
Database Service Manager (DSM) allows you to create and manage stored procedures. With DSM,  you can process time-consuming tasks on the server and leave your client machines free for data entry, printing, etc.
Published by: Hitech-4D.COM  (Switzerland)
Product URL: http://www.hitech-4d.com/4d-components-2.html
DataChangeTracker Update
Creates a searchable, reportable Audit trail of field level changes. Also allows Delete/Restore archival and has sophisticated Error logging management that records the OS/Machine Type/User/Date/Time etc. to help in error resolution.
Published by: Stafford Business Solutions, Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.StaffordBusinessSolutions.com/
Date Entry Handling Component
This free component helps you take control of the entry and display of dates in your database. With it, you can easily display dates as blank strings, and allow partial or calculated date entries into date fields.
Published by: Dimension i Technologies  (US)
Product URL: http://www.dimensioni.com/
Dictionary Component Update
The dictionary component is useful, very useful (Source code is available)
Published by: Mac to Basics Pty Ltd  (Australia)
Product URL: http://www.mactobasics.com/dictionary/
DisplayList4D is a DisplayList replacement that uses the 4D 2004 list boxes to display arrays. DisplayList4D mimics the command set and functionality of DisplayList from ASG.
Published by: Business Brothers Inc.  (US)
Product URL: http://www.bbros.com/DisplayList4D/DL4D_2004_Features.html
EVX_4D/PostgreSQL Structure Enabler Update
EVX_4D/PostgreSQL Structure Enabler is a 4D component that runs of top of 4D for PostgreSQL plugin, giving 4D developer a clear, simple and high level API to generate PostgreSQL databases structures from within 4D.
Published by: 4ee4 (Exenevex SA)  (France)
Product URL: http://www.exenevex.com/us/evx4dpse.php
Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Choice is a 4D component comprised of 4D methods, dialogs, and picture library pictures. It has been designed to give you enormous flexibility and ease of use in implementing choice lists.
Published by: Exodus Software  (US)
Product URL: http://www.exodussoftware.com/site/foc.htm
Genro Sync Update
Genro Sync is a 4D components together with a plugin that makes it easy to Synchronize 4D databases.
Published by: Goodsoftware Pty Ltd  (Australia)
Product URL: http://www.goodsoftware.com.au/genrosync.html
Genro Tools
Genro Tools is a framework for creating 4D applications within an OOP framework. It includes Genro Bags, a structured BLOB object with an easy-to-use API.
Published by: Goodsoftware Pty Ltd  (Australia)
Product URL: http://www.goodsoftware.com.au/genrotools.html
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out of 48