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Developers: Software Publisher
Publishes vertical market applications built with 4D.
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Saturna Capital Corporation Update
•  Software Publisher • 
Provider of Mutual Funds Transfer Agency management software
1300 N. State Street Bellingham, WA 98225 US
Tel.: 360-594-9900 Ext 402  
Email: jkc@saturna.com
URL: http://www.saturna.com/
Contact: Jane K Carten
Semilabs Inc.
•  Software Publisher • 
ERP software for Semiconductor Outsource Service Providers and Fabless Companies
43170 Osgood Rd Fremont, CA 94539 US
Tel.: 510-623-9171   Fax: 510-623-9194
Email: saeed@erp2020.com
URL: http://www.erp2020.com/
Contact: Saeed Malik
Sencis Update
•  Software Publisher • 
15, rue du Maréchal Foch 85000 La-Roche-sur-Yon France
Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 08 86 16   Fax: +33 (0)2 51 08 88 55
Email: info@sencis.com
URL: http://www.sencis.com/
Seuraava Oy
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Instructor •  Reseller •  Software Publisher • 
Distributor in Finland.
Asemamiehenkatu 4 00520 Helsinki Finland
Tel.: +358-9-27800078   Fax: +358-9-1552851
Email: myynti@seuraava.fi
URL: http://www.seuraava.fi/
Contact: Ville  H. Ranta
Sharp Chip, Inc. Update
•  4D Developer •  Software Publisher • 
6211 25th Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98115 US
Tel.: 206-522-8473   Fax: 206-527-9321
Email: renee@sharpchip.com
URL: http://www.sharpchip.com/
Contact: Renee O'Brien
Sigler Group, Inc.
•  Software Publisher • 
290 Maple Court, Suite 108 Ventura, CA 93004 US
Tel.: 805-644-6335   Fax: 805-644-6355
Email: lloyd@siglergroup.com
URL: http://www.siglergroup.com/
Contact: Lloyd Sigler
SIMS Software Div./StratCom Systems Inc. Update
•  Software Publisher • 
P.O. Box 607 Solana Beach, CA 92075 US
Tel.: 858-481-9292   Fax: 858-481-3557
Email: info@simssoftware.com
URL: http://www.simssoftware.com/
Contact: Jim Conrad
Site of Care Systems
•  Software Publisher • 
We develop Clinical Management Systems, which bring together patient information across the continuum of care from the Mom's pregnancy through the infant's developmental care. This data becomes the foundation for improving the quality of care, reducing costs and ultimately saving lives at your hospital.
3400 California St., 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94118 US
Tel.: 800-997-6861   Fax: 415-359-2251
Email: sales@siteofcare.com
URL: http://www.siteofcare.com/
Slanecon Digital Update
•  Software Publisher • 
We develop 4D-based applications for the film and television post production industry.
PO Box 10912 San Rafael, CA 94912 US
Tel.: 415-479-6967   Fax: 415-479-5067
Email: info@slanecon.com
URL: http://www.slanecon.com/
Contact: Steve Slanec
Sleek Software Corporation
•  Software Publisher • 
Sleek Software publishes the Incredible Tutor application that helps prepare students for high-stakes tests.
2404 Rutland Drive, Suite 600 Austin, TX 78758 US
Tel.: 800-337-5335   Fax: 888-353-2900
URL: http://www.sleek.com/
Contact: Don S Thompson
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