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Developers: Software Publisher
Publishes vertical market applications built with 4D.
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STOPware Inc. Update
•  Software Publisher • 
STOPware, inc. specializes in visitor badging and lobby security software. Since 1997, STOPware has pioneered the lobby security software marketplace with its flagship product, PassagePoint.
1710 Zanker Road, Suite 102 San Jose, CA 95112 US
Tel.: 408-367-0220   Fax: 408-367-0223
Email: info@stopware.com
URL: http://www.stopware.com/
Contact: Shaun Olson
•  4D Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Software Publisher • 
68 bis, Bd de Poitiers, BP 226 79308 Bressuire Cédex France
Tel.: +33 (0)5 49 74 90 90   Fax: +33 (0)5 49 74 90 92
Email: damien.fuzeau@strada.fr
URL: http://www.strada.fr/
Contact: Damien Fuzeau
Sts Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Software Publisher • 
11. rue Margueritte 75017 Paris France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 63 36 40   Fax: +33 (0)1 47 63 36 46
Email: stsinc@noos.fr
Contact: Stéphane Sinclair
Studio Box
•  Web Developer •  Software Publisher • 
Studio Box have developed RotaTrack a scheduling system to fill hospital theatres with skilled staff. It complies with European working hours and handles all training needs plus OnCalls and Shifts. It is suitable for other industries.
Far End, Priest Hill RG4 7RY Caversham Uk
Tel.: (0)118 946 3336  
Email: studio.box@btconnect.com
URL: www.rotatrack.com
Contact: Adrian  Goodman
Sustainable Solutions Update
•  4D Developer •  Software Publisher • 
We work for clients whose aims and objectives we believe in. We have a special interest in working with organizations that serve the poor in Asia & Africa. Based in Kathmandu Nepal, we specialize in development of systems for use in health care.
Box 8975, EPC 355 Kathmandu Nepal
Tel.: (977) 1 548021   Fax: (001) 206 350 3210
Email: info@ss.org.np
URL: http://www.ss.org.np/
Symbiosys Business Solutions Limited
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Reseller •  Software Publisher • 
Leading 4D developer providing bespoke 4D solutions and application support, packaged solutions and software consulting services.
Park View House, Worrall Street Congleton, Cheshire
Tel.: +44 (0)1260 281700   Fax: +44 (0)1260 281712
Email: info@symbiosys-bs.co.uk
URL: http://www.symbiosys-bs.co.uk/
Contact: Mark Minshull
Symbiosys Systems Ltd Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Instructor •  Reseller •  Software Publisher • 
UK Authorised 4D Trainer running scheduled courses throughout the year. Leading UK developer with UK wide cross industry customer base.
109 Palm Grove CH43 1TQ Oxton, Wirral UK
Tel.: 0151 651 1877  
Email: info@symbiosys-systems.com
URL: http://www.symbiosys-systems.com/
Contact: Tony Randall
Syncor Systems, Inc.
•  4D Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Software Publisher • 
4D and SQL Server database and data modeling consultants. Also experienced in C#, .NET, C++ , C and Embedded Systems Development.
25500 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1158 Torrance, CA 90505 US
Tel.: 310-373-8363   Fax: 310-373-8613
Email: syncor_info@syncorsystems.com
URL: http://www.syncorsystems.com/
Contact: Tod Gentille
Synergist Express Limited Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Software Publisher • 
251 London Road, Hazel Grove SK7 4PL Stockport, Cheshire UK
Tel.: +44 (0)161 456 1000   Fax: +44 (0)161 483 1444
Email: info@synergist.co.uk
URL: http://www.synergist.co.uk/
Synergy Solutions
•  4D Developer •  Software Publisher • 
At Synergy Solutions we create custom applications to meet your needs. Although we work primarily in southern Alberta and in the agriculture industry, we are willing to look at other opportunities as well.
PO Box 65 Hill Spring, AB T0K 1E0 Canada
Tel.: 866-626-3236   Fax: 403-626-3421
Email: cannon@synergyfarmsolutions.com
URL: http://www.synergyfarmsolutions.com/
Contact: Cannon Smith
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